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      Lindsey is an artist living in Charlotte, NC.  She grew up amongst the cornfields of Illinois, but her heart felt the pull of the Sea & South from a young age. Always creating, coloring & dreaming, she entered & won her 1st National Art Competition at 13 years old. The show was held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, & her love affair with the Coast began. Years later she came to study Art at Coastal Carolina University. After an inspiring internship with Anthropolgie, she continues to explore, combine and manipulate different mediums into "Jewels for you walls.



      "I love the beauty in everyday life. The objects you surround yourself with, dress with, sleep with- can & should be beautiful.  Our mood, spirit and attitudes are so impacted by our surroundings. I create for the experience of the art, to allow the viewer to feel and interpret the work for themselves. I've always loved the art of living, and the joy in simple moments. The jewelry for your walls, the sparkle for your day."


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